Adult Leagues

next season begins spring 2024

adult leagues

next season begins spring 2024

SHIELD Adult Leagues

Burlington’s Premier Development League

Welcome to SHIELD Adult League! We’re the premier adult hockey league for players of all skill levels who share a passion for the game of hockey. We provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where hockey enthusiasts can come together to compete, improve their skills, and forge lasting friendships on and off the ice.


Looking to register a team for the upcoming SHIELD
Men’s League Season? You’ve come to the right place.


I’d like to sign up as an individual player
to be placed on a SHIELD Men’s League team.


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Compete for SHIELD’s Challenge Cup

Put your competitiveness to the test and
compete for SHIELD’s Challenge Cup

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Monthly Feasts Await

Indulge in our Monthly mouthwatering pizzas making every victory – and defeat – taste even sweeter!

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Intensity Ignited

Experience the thrill of high-octane competition
with our electrifying games.


SHIELD’s Adult League

Intense. That’s the word that defines our Adult Hockey League. From the moment the puck drops to the final buzzer, the intensity is palpable. Every shift, every shot, every check is fueled by a fierce determination to win. It’s not just a game; it’s a battle on the ice where players give it their all. Experience the adrenaline rush of competitive hockey in our league. Join us and feel the intensity.